What is Kitchenintro ?

Kitchenintro is nothing but a simple initiative from my side to introduce you all about simple but very useful kitchen related items which may be used in our kitchen on daily basis which are comparatively cheap, very less space consuming , attractive looking but very essential for our kitchen related work which i think will make your lifestyle inside kitchen more easy with time and labour . My name is Joydeep mukherjee and I belong to the lovely country India known for her different languages, culture, heritage and many choices and varieties of tasty food.

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Why Kitchenintro ?

In every family and specially our homemakers spend maximum time of their day inside kitchen and they require very useful and space consuming items inside their kitchen for their ease of work to cook and to serve to their dear ones.

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Why i am here ?

As i have spend many years working in my kitchen so i can very well feel the basic problems faced by an individual working inside kitchen when preparing food menus to all family members to fulfil their demands from serving chocolate milkshakes for kids to preparing soups and salads for aged ones in specific time single handed for which i need the exact handy and portable equipments when those items can only help and assist me to prepare and serve food items in a definite time.

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How kitchenintro can help all ?

Kitchenintro will guide and suggest you all in every stages while working in your kitchen from items used to preserve food materials before or after cooking, then cutting , blending, preparing or dispensing items prior to any meal and finally before serving the furniture used covering almost every aspects for your kitchen .

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My goal

My goal regarding kitchenintro is that i want to dedicate and share my experience and knowledge related to all relevant and modern kitchen items to you all so that every homemaker like me can get an extra helping hand from my advised kitchen items to reduce their labor from preparing to serving for their dear ones inside their kitchen for the whole year.

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