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     We all know that when you think of heart of any home, the first thing that comes to your mind is your kitchen. Generally you spend maximum time of your day in your kitchen preparing food, drinks, salads etc. for your near and dear ones or with your family around your dining table attached to your kitchen for tea or coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner enjoying the lovely food prepared in your kitchen space.

     But preparing and enjoying your food won’t be easy without the help of some essential kitchen appliances which you will get in kitchenintro , where every suggestion, tips, pros and cons covering almost every detail about individual kitchen items will be shared with you as, if they are used or referred by you to someone will surely save time and labor in preparation of tasty foods and drinks for your beloved one.   


The names of best kitchen appliances

Coffee maker

Best Small Coffee maker
Coffee Maker

   As coffee is considered as a vital drink to stimulate up your energy from drowsiness, laziness and tiredness either from sleep or from work place so coffee maker machine for home plays a vital role in the beginning of the names of best kitchen items. A study in 2018 reveals that about 79 percent of US consumers prefer coffee made at home. 

   The basic principle on which a best coffee maker machine for home works is that here the grounded coffee is placed into  paper or metal filter placed inside a funnel which is set over a ceramic or glass pot.

  Cold water  is then poured into a separate chamber which then boils and allows to flow through the funnel containing the grounded coffee or pods and when these two mixes together fresh prepared coffee pours out through an outlet when the prepared coffee is collected in a ceramic or glass pot.

  There are various types of best coffee maker machine for home among which electric drip coffee maker, electric thermal coffee maker, electric expresso machine are popular among the list. 



   Toaster are small electrical appliances designed to toast sliced bread through radiant heat. It either comes with two or four slice capacity though some models have two wide openings which can accommodate two slices in an individual.

   It works on electricity which is transferred through an electrical cord attached to it when the process of super heating of the elements is done at a temperature of about 310 degree Fahrenheit or 146 degree Celsius .

  The heating element in it is either of nickel or chromium alloys. Standard toasters comes in various colors and shapes and are comparatively light and handy.

  You should generally prefer the above type which is Standard toaster for our home kitchen use but sometimes the other two which are countertop toaster ovens and convention toaster ovens are also used.

Convection Microwave Oven

Microwave oven

     A convection microwave oven combo type model works and warms up food elements similar to conventional microwaves but carries an extra feature of a fan and a heating element so can crisp, roast and bake food elements similar to an oven.

 There are two principles by which it operates and the initial is by using simple microwaves to heat and to cook food.

        The second principle by which the best convection microwave oven combo type functions is by the convection mode that transforms your microwave oven into a convection oven using a fan and a heating element to evenly circulate the heat throughout the equipment which helps to roast, bake, brown and even make food crispy.



   A mixer as the name says is a gear driven equipment used for repetitive task of stirring, whisking or beating. It comes with an electrical motor inside with a wired connection.

   It is of few varieties and are mainly Stand mixer which may be of Spiral or Planetary type, Hand mixer, Dough mixer and Egg beater.



  It is a home kitchen equipment used to crush or mix solid, semisolid and liquid food materials and other substances. It consists of a container which may be of different shapes with a rotating blade at the bottom powered by an electrical motor that is placed at the bottom of the equipment controlled by a operating knob of various speed.

 The motor in a blender is generally very powerful and sometimes may crush frozen food or ice. There are generally two types of blenders and they are Countertop blender and Immersion blender .

 Countertop blender is fixed in nature and contains container made of steel, plastic or glass that are attached to the motor body which has a rotating blade inside for operation but can be wholly detached for cleaning or washing.

 On the other hand Immersion blender are of stick, hand or wand blender type and has got no container of its own but has a mixing head and a rotating blade attached to one of its end that can be immersed in a container for operation.

 It is used for small and specific task if compared to Countertop blender like mixing soups, food pastes etc.

Electric Griddle

Electric Griddle

  An Electric Griddle is an home cooking item which has a flat cooking surface surrounded by deep side walls to it. It is electrically powered and has heating elements beneath the cooking surface and its temperature can be controlled with switches placed on its body .

  Electric Griddle now a days is filmed with non stick material which prolongs the life of the appliance. it is generally used to cook food like eggs, bacon, steak or meat.

Cast iron pan

cast iron pan

  As the name suggest they are made of ultra durable alloys of steel and carbon as it can withstand high temperature and so cooks evenly and so generally used for deep frying and other methods of cooking.

 Casting pan is known for heat retention, durability and is capable to be used at high temperature and it comes in various shapes and sizes depending upon usage.

Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

  The other name of Rice Cooker is Rice Steamer. It is an kitchen appliance to boil or steam rice. It mainly consists of a cooking bowl, a thermostat to trip down the process, and a heating source which is generally inbuilt and is powered by electricity.

  When the cooker bowl is filled with rice and water and the cooker is heated to maximum power the water reaches at boiling point (100 degree celsius or 212 degree fahrenheit )the temperature rises and all water gets absorbed when the thermostat trips the process .

  There are different operating modes like high power, medium power and low power or warming mode when temperature is maintained at 65 degree celsius or 150 degree Fahrenheit when simpler models switch off the whole process at this stage .

  Rice Cooker comes in different capacity , designs, shapes and colors according to your choice.

Slow Cooker

Slow cooker

  The other name of slow cooker is Crock Pot. It is an electrical home cooking appliance and works at very low temperature for baking, boiling or even frying. It consists of a lidded round or oval cooking pot made of porcelain or glazed ceramic surface surrounded by a metal body containing a heating element.

The lid is made of glass and is sealed in a groove in the pots edge where condensed vapors collects in the groove and provides low pressure seal to the atmosphere. The contents of the Crock Pot or Slow Cooker are effective despite the vapor generated inside the pot. This is less dangerous than Pressure cooker as there is no danger of pressure release.

 The ceramic pot acts both as a heat reservoir and food container. It comes in capacities from 500 ml and also with external settings and control knobs and the temperature ranges between 79-93 degree celsius or 174-199 degree fahrenheit. The vapor that is produced on the lid condenses to the bottom and returns as liquids into which some water soluble vitamins are restored.

 Slow Cookers generally comes in various capacities and many attractive colors according to your choice.

Conventional Oven

conventional oven

  Conventional types of ovens works on electric or gas and burners which may vary from one to five burners at a time depending on the model of the oven. Here heat radiates up and pushes cold air down which may lead to uneven cooking if proper attention is not given.

  However these type of ovens are very common in our home kitchen and so comes part of your essential kitchen items.

  Combination types of Conventional Ovens are very popular now a days with Microwave Oven or steam heat type in a single unit. Wood ovens specially for cooking pizzas are also becoming very popular in high end kitchens.

  This oven is very bulky and occupies adequate floor space in your kitchen.



   A refrigerator is a very common kitchen or home appliance which consists of a thermally insulated compartment or cabinet and a heat pump which transfers heat from inside to outside making the inside compartment cool down below the room temperature.

  It is mainly used to preserve raw food materials, vegetables and drinks from spoilage for longer period of time as it slows the growth of micro organisms thereby limiting food poisoning while maintaining foods nutritional qualities and taste.

  It mainly consists of some few important parts like a compressor, condenser , capillary tube, evaporator and thermostat.Refrigerators work by causing the refrigerant to circulate inside them to change from a liquid to gas. The process is called evaporation as it cools the surrounding areas and produces the desired cooling effect.

  Refrigerators comes in various capacities, colors and designs from one to three doors depending on the price. A deep freezer compartment is also situated inside in present days refrigerator.

Kitchen Hood

Kitchen hood

  It is a kitchen device generally fixed above your stove or cooktop in your kitchen which generally contains one or two mechanical fans in it which removes or arrest odor, grease, smoke and fumes produced by your stove top while cooking which improves the quality of air inside your kitchen after cooking as it sucks up the smoke or fumes and is carried to the exterior (in ducted model) or filter it (in ductless model) .

  It keeps chemicals, smoke out of your kitchen and improves indoor air quality of your kitchen.

  It is of five types according to your needs and design of your kitchen and they are Under cabinet type, Wall mounted type, Island type, Cabinet insert type, Down draft type.

  Kitchen hood have one or more exhaust fan build inside it which are very silent and has a control panel on its body to operate it according to needs. There is a provision for cleaning the hood is also there which requires periodic maintenance to avoid the device getting choked.

  It comes in different attractive colors and designs according to price.

Dish Washer

Dish Washer

   It is one of the most important kitchen device of recent times as it washes plates, cups, spoons, forks, knives and related items mechanically to loosen and remove dirt from them.

  Here the items to be washed is initially placed in it and as instruction given through the control panel outside the machine the water inside it gets heated up to its correct temperature when detergent is released in the appliance by the timer.

  The hot water and detergent are sprayed by rotating arms around the dish washer cleaning off dirt and debris of the utensils. The dirt water is drained away and finally fresh hot water cleans the items again.

  There are five types of Dish Washers and they are Front control type, Top control type, Portable type, Built in panel ready type and Third rack dish washer type.



   The whole collection of cups, plates, saucers, dishes etc are known as crockery and it covers everything of your eating and serving tableware of daily life.

   It is classified into Bone china, Porcelain ,Earthen ware, Alumina, Melamine and Terracotta types among which Bone china and Porcelain are the most popular and used types.

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen furniture

   Furniture which are used in your kitchen are known as Kitchen Furniture. They are of different types and mainly Kitchen cabinets, Kitchen islands, Bar stools, chairs, kitchen carts, Baker racks, Kitchen buffets, Crockery racks, Tables etc.

   Generally hardwood are used to prepare Kitchen Furniture but plywood, fiber board, chipboard with melamine and in some cases stainless steel and aluminium are also used to prepare some Kitchen Furniture .